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Give my piece of brain back

2013-05-16 12:06:41 by iamMajesty

Why yes. It DOES feel like a chunk of my brain is missing. Can you kindly give it back so all the lethargy will leave my body? Please? Please? PLEASE!?


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2013-05-16 12:16:01

* gives back chunk of brain *
* well, a good portion of the chunk *
* cough *

iamMajesty responds:

This makes me think about Hannibal...when he feeds the FBI agent his own brain...that's what it feels like. Not eating my own brain, but having that piece eaten off seems correct. GIVE IT ALL BACK ALL OF IT


2013-05-18 14:13:30

I'll bite.

iamMajesty responds:

But my brain matter just started growing again! :o


2013-05-18 14:13:31

I'll bite.