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Trains hit people

2013-05-15 13:28:28 by iamMajesty

I feel a little better today but it still feels like a train hit me...a smaller train. I also quit smoking today! I couldn't draw yesturday ugh -_- maybe today?


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2013-05-18 13:46:19

How did the drawing go on the day that was today a few days ago?

iamMajesty responds:

I got strept throat from my family when they visited since they work at a preschool (infected children) plus i've been having flu like symptoms so i haven't been able to draw. Today though I feel muchhh better so I'm going to hit the sketch book when I get back from the store. I will finally get to put some work in :D


2013-05-18 14:56:02

Oh, well that sucks. Glad to hear it's going better though!

iamMajesty responds:

Yup yup!! :D